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Quality Assurance and Status
Solution Data Systems, Inc. provides the highest quality assurance possible in the Data Entry and Document Scanning Industries. With Data Entry we achieve accuracy rates of 99.5% or greater based on total keystrokes, information is processed using "key verify" techniques (two-pass data entry), where an entire batch of work is keyed and then re-keyed in its entirety by a second operator. The second operator does not see what the first operator has already keyed. Instead, they key "blind". The software will recognize if the verifier keys something different from the first operator. In that case, the second operator is queued to look again at the data to be keyed, and re-key it.
A less expensive and less accurate method of data capture is "key-only," where operators key the information they see only once. We help ensure accuracy by providing front- and back-end edits of the keyed data. We use of check-digit algorithms where available. With such techniques, single-pass data entry typically approaches 95% to 98% accuracy based on total keystrokes. Quality is designed into the system and is a required goal of each stage. For example, our quality process begins at design during the first discussion with our clients on how to capture their data. We look for ways during the programming, testing and full production to add edits, validation tables and other methods to get the quality we strive for. The status of all of these things are controlled and monitored through our Batch Control Systems, Statistical Databases and Reporting.


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