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Logging Check-In and Check-Out Procedures


When the Data Entry and/or Document Scanning work arrives at Solution Data Systems, Inc. the team leader sorts the batches by the Project Number. Once these have been sorted they are checked to make sure the assigned batch numbers are sequential and match the batch log sent with the data.

Once this is completed several steps begin.

Step (A): There is a project list that is kept in the Solution Data Systems, Inc. Batching Database.  All Data Entry and/or Document Scanning batches are checked to this list and if any are received that are not on this list we notify the client for further instructions.

Step (B): Once the data has made it to this point, it is logged into our Batch Database. The following items are logged.  Date received, Clients job number (project number), Client batch numbers, Solution Data Systems, Inc. job name, and batch numbers. 

Step (C): After the Data Entry and/or Document Scanning batches have been logged into our database the batch tickets and batch log are printed.  These tickets contain valuable information about the group of work to be keyed or scanned.  We incorporate a standard naming convention for all of our jobs.  The first 3 digits indicate Client, the next 2 digits indicate department (or the client being served by our client), and then the 2 digits are job specific.

The batch tickets are placed on each of the Data Entry and/or Document Scanning batches and the work is handed out by the team leader. Once all the data has been keyed, key/verified or scanned the team leader organizes all the batches back into the groups that were received and then performs one or more of the functions described on the batch ticket (i.e.: quality control, and/or edited).  The batches are now placed in the container that is located in the output area. The batches are logged on the courier log and are logged on the production log to be transmitted. 


Once the team leader outputs the Data Entry and/or Document Scanning information on the media requested.  Several things are recorded on the output log. The  job name, the batches being output in the group, and the record count.  Any comments about the output are also noted.  If the output media is tape a tape label is placed on the tape with the data information recorded, and the batches are put into the container for return to the client. The same information also applies to data returned on diskette. For FTP data (which is the standard output format for many clients) the data is logged as mentioned above, however the files are then sent by FTP and each file will have a date extension as a unique identifier.

Our bonded courier brings a copy of the output document with the data being returned to the client.  This is signed and this document is returned to Solution Data Systems, Inc. and is filed for future tracking needs.
Every day an output log is printed from the database indicating which batches are to be output, based on the turnaround requested.  The shift lead and the department manager review this list to verify all data that is to be processed for that day.  In addition to the output log, every morning a report is generated that prints all data that was keyed, verified and transmitted for the prior day.  Any information appearing on this report that has not been transmitted is checked against the daily output log to verify that the turnaround has not been overlooked.


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