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Image Indexing

Solution Data Systems, Inc. can provide you with the Document Scanning and Data Entry necessary to create the image indexing you need for your document retrieval.
Image Indexing is a technique for preparing document images for retrieval. Once the document is scanned certain key fields can be keyed by our data entry operators to allow various departments to lookup the image for information needed to perform a task such as, customer service or as part of a business workflow where roles are assigned to perform specific functions. In a typical workflow, document images progress from role to role based on information specified in data entry fields.  In response to the data entry, Image Indexing updates the status of the image and, if specific criteria have been met, transitions the image from role to role.  In addition,Image Indexing supports Alert roles, where an individual can receive a visible and audible alarm if escalation is required.  Such a role enables a manager to efficiently leverage the live business process information being recorded by the Image Indexing application.


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