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Experienced Project Management

Solution Data Systems, Inc. has highly experienced Project Personnel each with over 25 years in the Data Entry, Document Scanning and related Data Processing areas.
We begin every project with an analysis of the Data Entry, Document Scanning, Database Maintenance or Data Processing requirement and then consulting with your organization to determine output specifications, data mapping details and custom fields for the project. Throughout each stage of production all work is tracked and accounted for. Jobs are logged with careful notation of detail and then checked against customer specifications to verify that the project is being accurately completed. Experienced Analysts, Developers, Data Entry and Document Scanning Operators follow documented project specifications.
Our staff checks such variables as field length, data type, mandatory fields, sequential numbering and, where applicable, associated image linking. We can employ standard spell checking or, when necessary, create a customized data dictionary. To ensure that the final data is of the highest quality, work is entered and independently verified. The verification process involves data being keyed and then processed by a quality control operator, who performs a database-wide check for errors. All data is backed up daily and stored in a secure location on-site and off-site under management control. Source material is kept in a locked area when not being used and is promptly returned when work is completed. When requested, we accommodate special material handling arrangements.


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